What is a Public Information Officer (PIO)?
Public Information Officers are the official spokespersons for a variety of government organizations including city, county, school district, state government and police/fire departments. A PIO's primary responsibility is to provide timely, accurate, and useful information relating to events which occur within the area they serve. In the past, PIOs worked directly with local news media, however with the rapid growth of the internet, social media has allowed PIOs to begin disseminating information directly to the public - quickly and efficiently.

How does PIOpost differ from other online notification systems?
Rather than requiring users to sign up for yet another online service or notification system, PIOpost utilizes an organization's existing website and social media presence to provide information directly to the public in the places they visit most online. Notifications can be sent instantly to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, RSS, and email - all from one centralized dashboard.

What type of notifications can I send out with PIOpost?
PIOpost comes prepopulated with a number of default notification "categories" to help get your organization started, however we developed the dashboard to be extremely flexible to fit your organizations needs. PIOpost can be utilized to send out press releases, traffic advisories, community events, as well as any other information your agency would like to disseminate. Because of the immediate nature of social media, these notifications will be instantly viewable by the public on all social media networks utilized by your organization.

Can I attach files to my notifications?
Yes - notifications can include videos, photos, audio files and an assortment of documents (PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint). The attached files will automatically be uploaded, optimized, and formatted for use within your notification.

Is PIOpost safe?
PIOpost utilizes industry standard SSL encryption (up to 256-bit) to ensure that the information you are entering into the application cannot be intercepted. Furthermore, we employ complex encryption algorithms to protect your user account details so no-one but you can log into your account. Posts are transmitted to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on your behalf using secure API keys. We never have access to your actual login details so there's no danger of anyone accessing your social media accounts from PIOpost.

How does PIOpost's 90 day risk free trial work?
PIOpost provides all organizations with a free 90 day trial of our PIOpost Premium membership (no credit card required). The Premium service will allow full, unrestricted access to test and use all of the features of PIOpost for 90 days. After 90 days your account will automatically be downgraded to a Free account which still allows use of PIOpost but with limitations on the number of email and social media notifications which can be sent. Free accounts also do not have the ability to post video content.

What is PIOpost Premium?
Unlike the Free account, PIOpost Premium members have no limits on the number of email and social media notifications which can be sent. Premium members also have the ability to post video content. PIOpost accounts can be upgraded or downgraded at any time through the dashboard interface.